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"I have been around guns all my life.  I have had classes in hunter safety and in the scout program.  I attended the NRA course for handguns. I completed Peace Officer Standards and Training and served as a peace officer for about twenty years.  I was not happy that I had to have a Concealed Firearm Class for the Concealed Firearm Permit.  I came into the class with a bad attitude.
Mr. Benson was not pushy like I thought many instructors are.  I was surprised with the information and safety standards he taught.  Much of the information was new, to me, and very potentially useful if I ever had to use it.  I feel much better equipped to legally defend myself.  He admitted that some of the material was from his teaching at Peace Officer Standards and Training.   He was also one of the police range masters and certified me with my weapon as an officer.
He went on with recommendations of weapons and places where they were available at a good price.
I would recommend this course to anyone who would be dealing with a concealed weapon permit.  I had my wife take the course and she is now a CCW permit Holder."
-Kevin Ashley
 Lindon, Utah

"I was happy to find the concealed weapon class taught by Ritchie Benson.  He taught the classes to police officers as part of his job before the program even began.  I wanted someone with this kind of experience.  The class was very informative with a fun presentation.  I learned more than I thought I would.  Mr. Benson sincerely cares about people having the ability to protect themselves.  He is committed to seeing that they have the knowledge to do it in a safe and legal manner."
-Richard Fullmer
 Layton, Utah

"I took Ritchie Benson’s concealed carry class and was very impressed.  I had taken a class from an instructor and failed to turn my paper work in.  I could not find him to take the class again.  The class was much more informative than my earlier class.  All the paperwork is done in the class and is included in the price.   My friend took a class and paid less, but found he had to get photo and fingerprints.  He ended up traveling and paying much more than I.   I was happy that I didn’t have to run all over to get fingerprints and photo.  The power point program was easy to follow and interesting.  I have a hearing impairment and the power point program made me feel comfortable that I understood the laws.  Many times I do not hear what teachers or others say.  I like the actual law written out.  His many years of experience in law enforcement enhanced the experience, especially for those with personal questions in that area.    I had military time and was pleased that he also did which gave us common ground. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a concealed carry permit or just for information."
-Brett Steppig,
 Bountiful, Utah

"I thoroughly enjoyed the concealed carry class I took from Ritchie Benson in Bountiful.  His years of experience in law enforcement and the military made learning the state mandated information fun and interesting.   I lost my paperwork during a move and was pleased to find that he would help me replace everything free of charge.  This, on top of the low price was a real bonus.  Fortunately, he is also easy to find if you need him.   I have also been impressed to have him respond to questions I had.  I was concerned that calling him would be annoying, but I got the feeling he enjoyed my calls."
-Monty Carson
 Salt Lake City, Utah 

"When I took the class for my ccw permit my wife was determined that she would not get one because she hates guns and fears them.  Ritchie Benson asked that she attend the class anyway, free of charge, so that she would receive the same information I did.  In his words, “we would be on the same page.”  She didn’t get the permit but she is better armed with information because of this class.  After we completed the class and on the way home She said she might get a permit.  Since she has taken the class we will just have to pay the fee, and Ritchie will do the rest of the paper work. I have been worried that she has the grandkids and no ability to deal with an attack on them.  She also likes to run and there are places where she may run in to problems."
-Jared Rollins                                       
 Salt Lake City, Utah

"I got my permit through Ritchie Benson and we have become personal friends.  Visiting my home I ask him to show me his weapon.  He removed it and put it on the kitchen table.  My wife walked into the room and said “what is that?”  I said “it is a hand gun; she said is it loaded I said “Yes.”  She quickly turned and ran screaming from the room.  
One off her grandchildren was approached by a molester and the child ran and yelled getting away.  It could have been much worse.  My wife realized that if she had have had a weapon and the molester had acted more aggressively she may have been able to stop him. 
She got a permit and we asked that we be taken to the range to have her shoot.  Ritchie spent 20 years as a Utah Police Range Master.  
He chose a Mark 111 22 which is a heavy weapon.  My wife held it shivering and she finally fired the weapon.  She was surprised that it had a very light kick and lower noise.  We moved up in the caliber of weapons.  She now carries a weapon with comfort.   If I were a person who wanted to attack one of her family I would have second thoughts,  She can hit the target with more accuracy than I.   I believe she would stop an attacker
My family is much safer because of this experience.  If you are looking to get a permit Ritchie is the choice.  I do not believe there is another instructor with the background.  He retired from the military after twenty six and a half years and from Law enforcement after thirty.  During his Law enforcement career.  He taught for twenty years at Peace Officer Standard and training and was the range master."
-Sheryl Hatch
 Farmington, Utah

"I loved the concealed weapon class I took in Bountiful from Ritchie Benson.  The power point program was interesting and kept my attention.  It was also extremely beneficial to a hearing impaired man in the class.  I felt the strong commitment that Mr. Benson has to teach safety and responsibility to his students.  It wasn’t what I had expected and I feel better prepared for unexpected situations because of this class."

"I had a concealed Firearm permit.  I failed to renew on time and had to take the Concealed Firearm Class.   I could not find my instructor.  I searched and found a class in Bountiful.  I expected the same course I had before.   I was pleasantly surprised with the course.  There was additional information that I felt was very important.  The presentation was interesting and entertaining.  
During the class the power point was used and it really added to the impact of the material.   Mr. Benson explained that the power point was first brought into the class because of the hearing impaired.   I am a visual learner and the presentation helped me in the learning process.
Mr. Benson taught at post academy and brought some of the material that police officers were taught.  I believe all Concealed Permit Holders should have this course.  I feel much better prepared with this second class."
-Troy Heaton
 Sandy, Utah

"I really enjoyed Ritchie Benson’s concealed carry class.  It was very informative and presented in a fun way.  The emphasis was on safety and knowledge of the law which was a surprise to me but which I very much appreciated.  I hope to never have to use my weapon but I feel more confident and much safer with it."
-Holley Innes
 Riverton, Utah

"When I was searching for a concealed weapon class I was hoping to find someone with experience in law enforcement.  I had talked to several instructors who had no law enforcement experience at all.  Mr. Benson had 30 years of law enforcement, also working as range master for 20 years as part of his job.  He was able to use many of his experiences in those capacities to make the class meaningful and memorable."
-Dan Robinson
 Salt Lake City, Utah

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